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Ever wondered why businesses have constantly grown dependent on virtual boardroom meetings since the pandemic hit? The reliance on video-conferencing tremendously helped businesses reach out to clients and partners during the lockdown period. Prior the COVID-19 era, the number of companies using video collaboration tools to allow for remote working had been on the growing side-173%.

The pandemic however skyrocketed the growing need for virtual meetings. These virtual meetings have suddenly become the best alternative to in-person meetings and events.

There has been a growing clamour for companies, both big and small to reshape remote-work policies to accommodate the shift in work preferences.

Experts predict that a much more significant percentage of employees will be allowed to perform their job duties remotely. To brace up for a rapidly changing business world, there are tools you need to integrate to prepare for the future of work. You don't necessarily need a lockdown to use video to collaborate.

Here's why you should be considering the premier All-in-One 360° 4K intelligence conference solution as the right tool to enhance workforce productivity. By integrating our meeting room systems and cloud service such as Zoom, WebEx, CISCO, GotoMeeting, GoogleMeet, etc. We enable every person and every conference room with amazing video conferencing experience.


With an intelligent conference product as the COOLPO AI HUDDLE PANA spiced with newest artificial intelligence features, enabled visual and audio detection. An exceptional 4K X 360° camera, best suited for small to medium-sized conference rooms, you can better connect to your clients, colleagues or better still employees in the distance. Capture clear facial expressions and body language. Smart 360° + 4K lets you see and hear everything, automatic person detection and speaker tracking makes you feel like you are in the same meeting room, allowing you to focus in the meeting. With AI tracking, there isn't a need to use a camera remote control as the AI tracking gives a timely response to slight changes.


Captures Clear sound, body language and facial expression, blurs out background noise. For instance, if there are other colleagues who aren't part of the conferencing are chattering outside the room, the AI tech can reduce the noise. This improves meeting quality.

The benefits of video conferencing are enormous and can be utilized to maximize productivity. You do not need a lockdown to consider its benefits before engaging your team. Even after the lockdown, teams can still make use of the premium AI powered Huddle Pana to communicate and meet organizational goals effectively.

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