Coolpo’s World Tour arrives at Tokyo

Coolpo AI Huddle 2021-11-09 10:34:45

Coolpo, an emerging quality standard for all-in-one video conferencing solutions, has launched its worldwide campaign to capture the interest of global markets. The unmistakable design of the 360-degree camera with its surround speaker (and smart microphones) has been seen in different advertising mediums in multiple parts of the world. The Coolpo world tour began at the San Francisco bay area and surrounding popular spots on-board the sides of various bus routes. The brand's next stop: Shinagawa Station, Tokyo, Japan!

Launched on 1st November of 2021, quick videos can be seen in multiple digital signage mounted on pillars scattered throughout the busy railway station. Shinagawa Station is located at a major transportation hub in Southern Tokyo and is one of the busiest stations in the city. As one of the principal transportation hubs in Tokyo (and in Japan), it is an interline transport station for various lines such as Yamanote Line and Tokaido Shinkansen. Various hotels, shopping malls, and office buildings are located in the area, not to mention direct connecting lines to the Haneda and Narita Airports, making the station a convenient station for many.

Connecting people in a reliable, innovative, and natural way despite long distances and remoteness is Coolpo’s motivation for success. Team members of companies can easily navigate through tasks of video conferencing and collaboration because of Coolpo’s plug-and-play feature. The 4K camera ensures that everyone sees each other eye to eye and in a natural way. Smart microphones and a surround speaker allow clarity of speech coming from remote and on-site participants, completing the necessities for a successful hybrid video conferencing.

Are you wondering where Coolpo will be spotted next? Keep a lookout, as it might come to your neighborhood next!