How to create an ideal video conference meeting?

Coolpo AI Huddle 2020-11-06 15:33:33

Meetings are undoubtedly essential for company in brainstorming new ideas, debating current problems and making important decisions. However, are they all profitable? Do they generate more revenue or cut more costs than the amount of resources, manpower used? There are about 55 million meetings a day, and at least half of them don't do much. (High, 2019). In a study of the time budgets of large companies, Bain & Company found that a weekly meeting of middle management personnel cost an organization $ 15 million annually. On average, one executive will cost more than $ 780 to attend a single meeting, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. You can estimate your cost with a meeting cost calculator online. 87% more people use video conferencing today than 2 years ago, mentioned in the research by No Jitter.


Do you need a video conference meeting?

Ask yourself the following 3 questions to decide the worthiness of a video meeting.

-What extra progress I can create with a meeting? Are they worth the time?

-Is face-to-face required?

-Can our conference room equipment settings enough to support a goal-driven video meeting?

Only create a video conference meeting when the answers of the above questions are all yes.


Get participants prepared before meeting

Every participant should be notified before a meeting, make sure that they are clear not only the purpose of the meeting, but to be clear about their roles in the meeting. Especially in remote meetings, members require more time to get themselves organized, at the same time, with less patience. Some business leaders have set clear rules and cultures on meetings held. For example, Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos requires narrative reports written before meetings. Participants are then given time to get the full picture of the meeting and are better prepared which shows significant effects in shortening wasted time.


Evaluate follow up actions

Set time limits, have a straight standard on follow up tasks, conduct follow up plans. Managers find it harder to follow up meeting made decisions than face to face meetings. Follow up works are the key to define whether a meeting is successful or not. Merely recording meeting minutes and developing an action plan are not enough to advance things. The discussion points and the progress of the action items in the meeting depend on the changes to the to-do list of participants.


Select matching technology equipment

Video conference products designed to help are often an obstacle. 87% of workers surveyed were feeling frustrated and stressed because of technology failure. Cincinnati Bell Technology Services founded out the 4 most imperative are 1: Tech that works at the touch of a button 2: Wireless technology 3: Tech that allows sharing from any device 4: Easy-to-use video conferencing software. 78% found Coolpo AI Huddle PANA an easy to use video conference device.


COOLPO AI Huddle Series – the ideal product designed for small collaboration space.

The best experience for the team

Work together wherever you are. AI Huddle PANA can better connect you to colleagues in the distance.


Full participation

Smart 360 + 4k lets you see and hear everything, automatic group framing and speaker tracking make you feel like you ’re in the meeting room, allowing you to focus in the meeting.


Simplest set-up

USB driver-free installation, plug and play, encoding and adapting to mainstream domestic and foreign video conference software.


Real-time subtitles, translation functions

Cooperate with Microsoft AI IOT Lab to create automatic transliteration and translation functions. Subtitles show in interface in real time through embedded device, does not require third-party software, to achieve a seamless closed loop from cloud to the edge.


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