Find out how Coolpo provides better meeting solution in hybrid working environment
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Awesome Tool for a small and bigger groups for a meeting
Because of the help of PANA, Immunodesigners was able to have routinely video conferences with groups in other companies and the Pana delivers clear voice while giving them intereactive experience during the meeting.
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The coolpo was a favourite of our staff members.
Due to covid lockdown, Holy Blossom Temple moved all their programs and classes to virtual so they use webcams everyday here. And the Coolpo is a sleek webcam that doesn’t take up much space on a desk or table and works well to accommodate multiple speakers in a room.
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PANA exceeded DCRAC's expectation
Due to the Pandemic, they have switched to hybrid working mode, thus the need for better video conferencing experiences. After using the PANA, they find it has great video and sound quality.
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“I can’t image not having it (Coolpo PANA) for meetings.”
within a very short period of time all groups have begun using it, and people rely on the option of being able to join a meeting either way
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Mackinac Center Attests to how the Pana "Works Simply, Everytime“
The Pana has made meetings between people in the office and people in remote locations much better: easier to set up, higher quality, and more likely to be used.
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Center of Spiritual Living
Coolpo AI Huddle PANA connects the world with a real sense of being present
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Coolpo offers better engagement experience during PTA's video conferences
Coolpo offers better engagement experience in PTA's video conferences
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Coolpo PANAは全ての期待に応えてくれる
コロナウイルスの原因で、人々の生活に大き な影響を与えているだけでなく、大部分の 人々 の仕事ぶりも変化している。現在では自 宅勤務、リモートワークがほとんどの人の通 常モードとなっています。しかし、この仕事 のスタイルには、一連の問題が伴っています。
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Coolpoを使って多人数の会議でも 行われる
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