Top 7 Qualities of a Good Conference Room Video Camera

Coolpo AI Huddle 2022-04-28 10:35:47

There are so many different types of conference room video cameras and different scenarios in which they will be used. Something as simple as recording a training video or as technical as live streaming an investors’ meeting. The scenarios in which it will be used will determine what type of camera is needed. There are a few key qualities of a good conference room video camera that are worth considering. While it may not be possible to get every one of these characteristics in every camera, many of them are commonly found in cameras that are good at covering a wide range of situations. A good conference room video camera will be versatile. It will be able to capture video from several different angles in a single room, which will allow you to film meetings, events, and training sessions with ease. It will also be able not be a constant drain on electricity, which means it should not require a lot of power. Lastly, it should be able to provide good enough coverage while still remaining discreet. Here are the top seven qualities of a good conference room video camera.

Audio Quality

This may seem like an obvious characteristic of a good conference room video camera, but it’s surprising how many cameras have a weak or poor audio quality. Delivering high-quality audio is essential for streaming online meetings, as it will make it easier to distinguish different participants and understand the meeting topics.  Some of the issues with audio quality include weak audio, audio that is not crisp and clear, or muffled audio. Weak audio will make it more difficult to understand what is being said and make distinguishing certain sounds more difficult. Muffled audio will make it harder to hear sounds coming from the other side of the room.


Flexibility is when a camera can be placed in several different places while still providing good coverage throughout. A good front-facing conference room video camera like the Coolpo AI Huddle Mini can be mounted on a wall, cadenza, or tripod and still provide decent coverage in all three locations. There are some cameras that are flexible enough to be mounted on tables and desks to allow remote participants to see at eye level. A good conference room video camera should not require a lot of repositioning to match up with different scenarios.

Good Coverage

This will largely depend on the size of the camera, as well as the resolution, but in general, you would want good coverage of around 100% or more. Certain conference room video cameras have resolutions of up to 180-degrees and 360-degrees. If the camera has a wide-angle lens, you could have a 90% coverage. Having good coverage will make it easier to capture what is happening in the room, without having to manually zoom in too much to see individuals or have the camera zoom in too far as to be obtrusive.

Small Footprint

This will generally be determined by the size of the camera, but you should look for a camera that is suited to your needs. Small conference room video cameras will be advantageous when it comes to mounting the camera on a wall, as well as making it less noticeable when it comes to recording in a conference room. A small footprint can also make it easier to conceal the camera when it is not in use, which will come in handy during meetings when it is best to remain discreet. On the other hand, you would want a modern design with bigger conference cameras so they can easily incorporate into your conference room’s interior design.

Good Power Consumption

Having a good power consumption will likely make it harder to conceal the conference room video camera, but it will make it easier to use the same power source in many different places, like a conference room. An advantage of having a good power consumption is that it can be used with a small amount of space, which means it can be discreetly mounted in a variety of places.

Easy to Use

This can be determined by how comfortable the conference room video camera is to hold, as well as how easy it is to use. The former can be determined by the size of the camera, as well as how portable it is if you need to transport it. The latter can be determined by how the buttons and features on the camera work, as well as how easy it is to navigate through the menu. A good conference room camera should be easy to use, and should not take a lot of practice to get the hang of it. AI-based conference room video cameras are the best example. They require little “direction” but deliver much-needed features such as:

  • Participant locating via voice and/or visuals

  • Presenter tracking

  • Automatic Group framing

  • Auto-focus

  • Noise reduction

No Hurdles When Using the Camera

Having no hurdles when using the conference room video camera will mean that it is easy to use, and doesn’t require much practice to get used to it. Plug-and-play features in conference room video cameras are common these days. In the past, drivers, and installers from CDs or websites are necessary before a device can be used. With plug-and-play, users only need to connect the device to a USB port (or other pertinent ports) and start using the device.


Coolpo AI Huddle Pana—360 Video Conferencing

The Coolpo brand has developed cool innovations for people and organizations. The Coolpo AI Huddle Pana is an excellent example with all these 7 qualities. Individual Frames that zoom in on up to 3 active meeting participants

  • Audio quality - It delivers powerful audio quality through its 4 smart microphones and all-surround speaker. 

  • Flexibility - It is portable enough and can be placed in a carry-on for easy transport.

  • Coverage - The AI-based 360-degree camera captures the entire room for good and full coverage. It locates active meeting participants and zooms in on them through up to 3 individual frames.

  • Footprint - the Pana can be placed in the center or front of the conference room table and is aesthetically pleasing. It incorporates well with modern interior design.

  • Power - it uses minimal power consumption because it is an all-in-one device. There’s no need for separate cameras, microphones, and speakers.

  • Easy to Use - Pana is a plug-and-play device. 

  • No Hurdles - There’s no need to call IT to use the auto mode. However, if users do need software updates or video configurations, the complementing software is also very easy to use.



Having these qualities in a good conference room video camera will help it to be versatile, provide good coverage, be flexible depending on your needs, have good power consumption, be easy to use, and not have any hurdles when using it. If you’re looking into upgrading your conference room systems, ask us! Coolpo lives and breathes its values: “reliable, innovation, touch” to redefine online collaboration through AI-based devices. Our Coolpo AI Huddle Series is waiting to be discovered.