Video Conferencing for Small Businesses-The Ultimate Guide

Coolpo AI Huddle 2022-08-10 10:49:44

Are you ready to join the digital world in your huddle camera and ditch the traditional ways of working? Did you know that as of 2017, video conferencing has become an integral part of offices across the globe? In fact, over 73 million people have already adopted video conferencing in their daily work. Small businesses can also leverage this technology for effective collaboration and team interactions.
Let’s delve and read on to discover everything you need to know about video conferencing tools and software for small businesses.

What does Video Conferencing mean?

Video conferencing is a means of connecting two or more parties remotely. Regardless of the different locations, they can engage and interact in a real-time audio-visual call through the use of various conferencing tools and software. Using huddle cameras also works in group settings.
In a business context, employees and employers can talk, hear, and see each other by setting up significant tools and software.

Benefits of Video Conferencing for your Small Business

In the good old days, video conferencing was considered a luxury that big corporations and businesses could only benefit from and afford. Due to the deficiency of resources like money to invest in fancy equipment and tools to leverage their products, reach, and marketing strategies, small businesses are apparently being left out and outcasted in the competition by bigger competitors in the market.
However, as the world is changing too fast where technological developments are being made such as Voice over IP or huddle cameras which make communication and collaboration inclusive, accessible, and convenient for all, especially for small businesses in this time of technological bombardment and shifting of all things online or the new normal.

Here are 3 video conferencing benefits that your small business can get through video conferencing:

Greater efficiency and productivity

Small business owners can leverage their services and/or products through video conferencing. It offers numerous features such as screen sharing, file transfer, chat box, recording, noise cancellation and etc. that will lead to greater efficiency and productivity despite working remotely. Members of the group or of your business can participate through huddle cameras and share their thoughts and ideas that could lead to more sales and conversions. With these features, collaboration and teamwork are enhanced.

More engaging interactions

As video conferencing enables you to see people from your screen, it can surely make your meetings and interactions with people in your business more engaging since you can see each other’s gestures, reactions, and expressions.

It can help you save time and money

With video conferencing and through its various tools and software, you can do all things in your business such as webinars, meetings, interviews, etc. without spending too much money and time; it can actually save you from the oil price hikes, expensive plane tickets, and traffic and still get things done.

5 equipment you need for video conferencing

To make your next video conferencing possible, more effective, and successful, you’ll need:

  • Desktop monitor or laptop
  • Video conference camera, speaker, microphone, or even headset or an all-in-one Huddle Camera
  • Video conference software
  • Computer or Cellphone
  • Stable internet connection

Most businesses, do have conference rooms with huddle cameras for all of their meetings which usually have video conference camera that is ready to use.

How to pick the right video conferencing tool for your small business?

Investing in a video conferencing tool can greatly help and affect the success of your business. Today, there are a lot of options you can and need to consider when you choose video conferencing as your way of communication in your business. But how to pick the right one?
Here are 5 things to consider to help you choose the right ones:


The quality of the tool you want to use during your video conference should be your utmost priority to consider. A lot of cameras are being made and developed since the people and businesses are gradually shifting into the new normal – the use of technologies in all of the things that humans do; this is a challenge to all since the fact that there are various choices you can choose from, you should not compromise the quality it gives.

The emergence of the 4k video conference camera changed the experiences and feelings of people during video conferences. One of the tools that offer 4k resolution is the Coolpo AI Huddle Mini – a smart camera that makes video conferencing easy and quality.

2,Advanced tools

To leverage your experience in video conferencing, you need to have a smart move in deciding whether the tool you will choose has an AI or none. AI conference camera can make tasks effective and efficient – recognizes the gesture, record the meeting and show in-line transcription automatically.

3,Security and Privacy

Cyber security has been an issue since the rise of technologies. Ensure that your video conference provider and tool can protect and secure your meetings, communication, recordings, and all your other information.

4,Easy-to-use Video Conferencing tools and software

One way to have a smooth collaboration with your team is to have easy-to-use video conferencing tools and software. It means that members of your team can access and know how it works can increase production and enjoyment.


It seems that small businesses are thriving in the midst of the global pandemic because of the online opportunities because of technological advancements. Small businesses can now utilize video conferencing to even strengthen and widen their reach and visibility on various online platforms. Of course, with the knowledge of how to choose the right tools and software, businesses can surely reap its benefits.

If you’re thinking of investing in a new video conference camera, contact us for a demo. See live or online how our video conferencing cameras can work for you. Our experts can help you choose which video conferencing tool is right for you and your needs.