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Coolpo has always been an advocate of equality in meetings and focusing on what truly matters. Business is not all that matters to us. COOLPO is all about ‘COOL’ innovations that connect People and Organizations. We believe in also shining a light on and supporting organizations that call attention to important social issues and the environment.

Coolpo is passionate about charities, especially ones that are close to our hearts. We have chosen a number of charitable organizations both here and abroad. By purchasing any Coolpo device, you will be able to also support one of the following charities:

For every Coolpo device you purchase from our Online Store , we will donate USD 50 to one of the charitable organizations above. If you do not select one, we will select one for you. By improving your online meetings using our products, you can also help make the world a better place. By purchasing a Coolpo device, you can also support people and organizations who deserve the spotlight.