5 Ways to Have a Modern and Smart Classroom Using a Video Conference Camera

Coolpo AI Huddle 2022-10-24 13:54:36

In today’s digital world, collaboration is a key part of the future of education. Online tools, video conferencing cameras, and new software subscriptions are seemingly here to stay. Students expect to be able to access learning materials and class assignments anywhere. They also expect to have the ability to collaborate with their classmates and teachers.

With this, video conferencing is an excellent way for students to feel connected with their teachers and classmates while still being able to find a comfortable place to study or work on individual assignments.

To equip the modern classroom with all the right tools, schools should consider investing in an affordable video conferencing camera. These cost-effective cameras offer the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can equip your classroom for success using a video conferencing camera as part of a video-enabled learning environment. The tips below will help get you started on integrating video in your classroom.

Use 360 conference camera as part of your classroom video conferencing culture

One of the most important aspects of integrating video into your classroom is making sure that video conferencing becomes a natural part of your classroom culture.

Coolpo AI Huddle Pana, the best video conferencing camera is the perfect video conferencing device you can use in your classroom.
With its fish eye camera, everyone can surely participate as it allows all students to be heard and seen during classes. It is surely a big help for you as a teacher or facilitator to have meaningful, active, and collaborative lectures.

The Pana has been dubbed as a useful Edtech tool perfectly designed for a hybrid learning model after it was recognized and welcomed by the Education industry. According to S.E. McQueen of Crespi Carmelite High School, “Coolpo has changed the way I teach for the better. It allows me to move about the classroom the way I would if we were fully on campus and better supervise or monitor what the students in the physical classroom are doing”.

Incorporate video into students’ learning routine

Your role as a teacher or facilitator in this time of hybrid learning is to help students how to incorporate video into their learning routine.

By doing this, let them know where they can go to find video materials that they can use to help them while they’re studying and make sure that they will understand several ways how to use video conferencing inside and outside of the classroom. If you’re patient enough, guide them step by step.

Provide interactive learning tools – Coolpo AI Huddle Pana and Coolpo AI Huddle Mini

One of the most common ways that you as a teacher use video conferencing is for lectures and class discussions. It is important to you to make sure that you’re using interactive video tools.

Coolpo’s video conferencing cameras have useful features that will surely make your class discussion even more interactive:

· Dual Positioning Technology

· Meeting Flex ™ System

· Real-time Framing

· Division View

These features ensure that classroom discussions and activities will be more fun and engaging; it enables tracking the voices and gestures of the students; it enables “auto framing” in which the focus will be shifted to students who move or speak.

With these features, Coolpo ensures to have immersive and interactive online collaboration among students where they hear their classmates and see their gestures and facial expressions through their video conferencing devices.

Utilize Coolpo AI Huddle Pana as a smart microphone and video conferencing camera

If you’re a techy or non-techy teacher, Coolpo AI Huddle Pana suits you the best in delivering your classes. It is a Plug and Play device which means you only need to insert the cable into your computer or laptop.

The Pana is all-in-one video conferencing equipment as it can be your camera, microphone, and speaker. It has a 4k resolution and 4 smart microphones with 15-feet pick-up sound (in all directions).

Offer remote access to your campus facilities and libraries

You could provide remote access to your campus facilities and areas like a sports stadium, botanical gardens, or even libraries. When you offer remote access to these types of campus resources, it allows your students to explore a location and experience it in real-time from the comfort and convenience of their classroom.


Video conferencing is an excellent way to help your students feel connected to their peers and teachers. By utilizing it, you can help your students feel more comfortable asking questions or sharing ideas. You can use it to connect with your students from any location and provide remote access to campus facilities and resources like the library and computer lab.

Every classroom should be equipped with video conferencing cameras to help students succeed in the digital age and Coolpo, through its all-in-one video conferencing equipment, will help you achieve this.