How Coolpo Conquers the “Mushy Middle Ground”

Coolpo AI Huddle 2021-11-19 11:50:43

The world is now slowly entering the "new normal" and we are all struggling with how to do things right. Hybrid has become essential in many aspects of life: work, meetings, learning, events, and gatherings. As a result of months in remote setups, people are starting to leave the comfort of their homes to engage better at work and school. And yet others cannot risk attending in-person gatherings all the time. This leaves us with a mushy middle ground in between full remote and full in-person which easily translates to many “wanting” scenarios that make us wish for better and more sustainable solutions.

Remote Participants’ Scenario

Be it office mates, students, colleagues, potential business partners, or bosses, being remote allows many perks but also presents many difficulties. It is easy to be talked over when you’re not being heard properly. When working outside the office, distractions could easily creep their way like pets, children, the laundry, and so much more. One of the worst cases would be in-person participants not realizing the unnecessary noise they are making that could easily make it harder for remote participants to concentrate. Moreover, being away from all the action, it’s harder to engage if you do not see what’s going on around the office and not being able to “read the room” properly. You may be relatively more comfortable at home, probably in your pajama bottoms, but sometimes it makes remote participants want for a better office engagement even when not at work.

On-site Participants’ Dilemma

Some say there’s a higher chance of pitching in and being more noticed when on-site but in the workplace, it's not all rainbows and butterflies either. For one, people in the office would miss the perks of wearing pajamas to work or at least on the bottom half of their daily outfits. Since some are still experimenting with hybrid work and class, there are tendencies to be in awkward situations too: crowding on a laptop to be seen while possibly wearing masks, social distancing in a meeting but not everyone in the room is seen or heard clearly, and having more responsibility than before the pandemic because of new issues with technology (it's not always easy being a meeting host).

Finding the Right Tech

It all boils down to wanting better technology to enable almost perfect meetings. A lot of the difficulties we face in the office and classroom can be solved by more reliable technology that’s uncomplicated but highly capable at the same time. Decision-makers cannot successfully enforce a hybrid setup without the proper technology. The question now would be "Is there a simple technology that aids hybrid meetings?” If by this the aid you mean:

· Helps remote participants to be heard clearly and partake in the meeting;

· Allows in-person participants to be heard without much background noise;

· Captures the whole room for remote participants to see;

· Show active participants’ body language;

· Capable of selecting the most active participants or focusing on the speaker (or do both at the same time);

· Simple enough to work on its own but also flexible that allows “techy” people to configure settings to their liking; and

· Compact and portable that the whole system does not take up much room space.

If you agree to and would like to experience all the above features, you’ll be happy to use Coolpo AI Huddle Pana. It is an all-in-one video conferencing device that works great in meeting rooms, huddle rooms, or classrooms. Integrated into one compact device is a 360° camera, 4 smart microphones, and an all-surround speaker. It's plug-and-play so users can simply plug it into their laptop (and power source) and start their video conference with the Pana as its camera and audio source. For a more personalized experience, you may optionally download CoolpoTools. The Pana’s Auto Mode features a panoramic display at the bottom, stitched carefully by our Meeting Flex Technology; three frames at the top that automatically frames appropriately the active participants. We say participants because unlike other auto-tracking features in the market, the Pana gets cues from both sound and movement. This makes for a very accessible and hands-free meeting experience. All these features and more allow the Pana to conquer the difficulties of hybrid meetings we all dread. Customers often attest to how it works simply, every time. With or without an IT team to help you set up, the Pana should be your go-to tech when it comes to meetings.


Some call it the middle ground that is the worst of both worlds, on the other hand simply call it Hybrid Work. It is being implemented widely because of necessity, but it doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Once companies find the best mix of partly remote and partly in-person setups as well as finding the right technology for your company’s preferences, then it’s easy to maneuver this mushy middle ground. Years ago, many workers and students find themselves wishing for less work or school days and now hybrid work is the answer to those prayers. Administrations and governing bodies cannot easily allow for less productivity. But by having the option to stay at home for part of the week but still performing the duties we would otherwise do at work (or at school), then we find the middle ground that could perfectly sum up an ideal work-life balance.

About Coolpo

Coolpo's flagship product, the Coolpo AI Huddle Pana, is an All-in-One video conferencing device that includes innovative features such as a 360° camera and speakers, 4 smart microphones, and Meeting Flex technology that stitches images together to create a panoramic shot of your huddle room spaces. Its plug-and-play feature allows users to easily maneuver the Pana. However, for advanced picture and video customization, CoolpoTools is available for safe & free download as well. The company believes in protecting its customers' privacy and security through its current and up-and-coming products and services. To find out more about the product, visit