Coolpo talks to Forbes about feeling Connected in a Remote-first World

Coolpo AI Huddle 2022-05-13 12:08:47

Coolpo co-founders, Ray and Matthew, were asked about inclusivity in a remote working world. Their answer? Coolpo. Coolpo’s vision is to design technology that connects remote and in-person teams seamlessly. They want to connect people and organizations through cool innovations. The company aims to reimagine online meetings through AI-based devices designed for the future of work.

They have come up with some tips for promoting inclusivity in the workplace. One of the main components of this is creating technology that connects people and organizations. The company has been working on developing technology that will make online meetings more seamless as well as using AI-based devices to reimagine how we collaborate.  With these new developments, it's easier than ever to connect with others worldwide through Coolpo.

 "Coolpo envisions a future where people can rely fully on video conferencing to do business. This will only happen when technology is capable of supporting our need for human connection and collaboration. Whether we’re working in-house, remotely, or a hybrid of the two, the human element is essential for employee satisfaction, retention, and ultimately, business success."

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About Coolpo:

Coolpo, a startup with a mission to connect remote teams in an inclusive way. Their product series, Coolpo AI Huddle, are AI-based devices for a better video conferencing experience. To learn more about Coolpo, visit