Getting to know your Coolpo AI Huddle Pana and trouble shooting

Coolpo AI Huddle 2021-10-27 14:59:01

Technology helps us wherever we are and shapes the way we do work and play. Coolpo AI Huddle Pana offers reliable and innovative solutions to our video conferencing needs and allows us to keep in touch and be connected with our colleagues on a more personal level.

We have all been there: looking at a new tech without any idea how to proceed and needing the IT team but they are unavailable if there is one. Coolpo's plug-and-play technology lets even non-tech savvy co-workers able to use the device under normal circumstances. However, having help available (even if you do not need it) is good to have. Here are a few "familiar" scenarios that can help you get to know the device.

All-in-One Solution

Decision makers, top management, procurement specialists, and other team members around the world are searching the internet for quality video conferencing solutions that will bring them their money’s worth. Many conference rooms’ dedicated space for meetings since the pre-COVID-19 era are circular in shape to allow a sense of equality during gatherings. Small- to medium-sized huddle rooms are shaped to allow members to talk to one another without having to look at weird angles. It only makes sense to have the same experience during hybrid meetings that have become mainstream these days.

Coolpo AI Huddle Pana allows remote participants to see the room in its entirety using its 360-degree AI-powered camera, while at the same time highlighting the active participants in the room. Its integrated 360-degree surround speaker and 4 smart microphones gives you a comfortable experience during the meeting. Microphones that have a pick-up range of 15-feet from every direction could accommodate a room of roughly 30-feet diameter. This simply means that companies need not subscribe to a full suite of conferencing tech when they can purchase an all-in-one solution.

Unboxing experience and Initial Setup

Upon receiving your device, like all parcels received from couriers, you must first check the outer box for damage/s during transit. The plastic seal must be intact (unless otherwise agreed upon) and the box has no visible tears. There may be bumps on the outer covering which are normal during transportation but they should not be big enough to damage the device inside.

You should receive the Coolpo printed user guide and warranty card. The power cord and USB cord should be in two separate boxes. The Coolpo itself is wrapped in another layer of loose plastic and should be sandwiched between two paddings shaped to keep the device safe. After carefully lifting the device out of these protective materials, you will notice the black silicone camera cover on top, another layer of plastic lightly sticking to the metal portion of the device, and the soft cloth-like exterior of the surround speakers.

Plug-in SECURELY the USB and power cables. Make sure that they are tightly and snugly connected to the Coolpo at the bottom of the device and the computer and power supply, respectively. Not connecting the USB cord completely into the Coolpo side is a common mistake among users because of the tight space that secures the cords in place. Make sure to remove the silicone cap on top when using the Pana, otherwise, you will get "static" visuals. This silicone cap is used to keep the dust off the lens when the Pana is not in use.

Note: if upon powering up the VC platform or Coolpo Tools and no device is detected, the first thing to check is the USB cable at the bottom of the Coolpo. If it is not plugged in properly, it will not be detected by the computer.

Common Problems

1. Device Not Recognized

Plug-and-play features To ensure that your Coolpo device's internal software is up-to-date, visit our website to download Coolpo Tools. This software is safe and free to download from there. As of the writing of this article, the software is at version 1.0.16. Updates have incorporated the requirements for Windows 11 and Apple M1 Chips.

Upon first time updating, instructions on our website can be found about how to press the power button (6 times) before updating the product. Things to consider also, aside from possible faulty hardware, are:

1. Proper cable installation
2. The computer's drivers are complete and intact (e.g. video drivers)
3. Instructions for the upgrade have been followed perfectly.
4. Video conferencing platform or your computer systems may be in between updates

2. USB Cable

Coolpo’s cable must completely be inserted into the device to ensure proper connectivity. When not inserted snuggly, your computer and/or Coolpo Tools will not be able to detect the device. Sometimes, defective cords may cause faulty audio input and/or output or cause the camera to work ineffectively. On rare occasions where the included cord might have factory defect, you may isolate this probability by using any standard micro B USB compatible with any Android device. If the camera, microphone, or speaker issues are solved by replacing the cord, you may request a new USB cable from us, free of charge.

3. Color Hues

There may be instances where upon initial usage of the camera, a different color (red, green, yellow, etc.) tone or hue might be produced. In these instances, make sure to upgrade the internal software of the Coolpo, adjust the color balance using Coolpo Tools, and expose the camera to a different environment (i.e., different lighting, brightness, darkness, etc.) in a sort of “calibration” to achieve a more preferable video output color.

4. Device incompatibilities

With the launch of the newest version of Coolpo Tools, we are happy to announce that Coolpo is now compatible with Apple M1 Chips and Windows 11 operating systems. However, using the device with mobile devices and the FaceTime app is currently still not supported by our product. On the other hand, if used on a laptop or PC, the Coolpo is compatible to be used with others like Facebook video calls or the web client of Whatsapp.

Coolpo Tools

By default, you will experience the device’s Auto-detection features with the panoramic view at the bottom, and at most, 3 panels where the active participants will be highlighted. The Coolpo does not only detect active speakers but also those moving in the room. Some may find that this is not ideal for their use case, so we developed Coolpo Tools: a free software available in different languages that allows you to change the picture presets, turn on/off the panoramic view, configure the display settings, and update the internal software of your device. Moreover, these functions are also possible with the Coolpo Tools:

1. Block certain areas of the screen (e.g., cluttered wall, confidential whiteboard writings, inattentive participants, etc.);

2. Cancel Panoramic view;

3. Zoom in or out of panels (outside of Auto Mode) to focus on speakers and key members of the meeting;

4. Lock and unlock focus on panels;

5. Reset all preset settings or save them for your next meeting; and

6. Drag around the panels and panoramic view to see each part clearly

The Coolpo Tools is not only the solution to visual configurations or preferences. Because the software contains the upgrade package, downloading it will solve many of the bugs found on older versions of the device. In a perfect world, no technology ever has bugs or glitches, but sadly, our world is far from perfect. We can only try our best to serve our customers through your feedback and cooperation.


Having the right all-in-one device capable of high-quality video conferencing is a step in the right direction towards great distance communication. Coolpo AI Huddle Pana will ensure that you only have the best experience in this aspect. However, when others find themselves worrying about how to initially set up the device, we are saddened by it. We, at Coolpo, only endeavor to help our customers have a hassle-free VC experience. Our different support channels are available to our customers whenever they need them. Depending on your preference, you may reach us through e-mail, live chat, and phone call. We can arrange a video conference that is convenient for your time zone. Despite our global reach, we aim to deliver on our company slogan: "Reliable. Innovation. Touch."