What are the components of a complete video conferencing system?

Coolpo AI Huddle 2022-01-11 19:35:26

The structure of the video conference system is described below.

  1.  Video conference server
  2.  Video conference audio system
  3.  Video conference display system
  4.  Video conference camera system

The video conference server is responsible for encoding, decoding, converting and transmitting audio, video and data. Traditional video conferencing is mainly replaced by video conferencing hardware MCU, but this equipment is very expensive and is a heavy burden for small and medium-sized enterprises. With the continuous evolution of audio and video technology, cloud video service products such as Zoom, Google Meeting, Webex, Microsoft Teams, and GoToMeeting have emerged. When an enterprise purchases a video conference, if it is not a self-built video conference (that is, the video conference system is deployed on the company's intranet, but the conference is held over the Internet), there is no need to purchase a video conference server. This model has been recognized and praised by the majority of enterprises, and has become the first choice for current enterprise video conferencing.

Video conference audio system refers to the system used to input and output sound, generally refers to microphones, speakers, mixers and speakers. Small conference rooms only need to be equipped with a 360-degree omnidirectional microphone. Placed in the middle table, medium and large conference rooms should be equipped with multiple microphones and sound systems according to the specific environment of the conference room.

Video conference display systems generally refer to televisions, projectors, and large-screen splicing screens, which are used to display data sharing content such as videos and files of local and remote participants.

Video conference camera system, that is, the video conference camera, is used to capture the video of the local participants and transmit it to the remote end for viewing. Generally, small conference rooms will choose standard 1080P cameras, and medium and large conference rooms will be equipped with multi-camera systems.

The composition of the video conference system basically consists of these four parts

With the rapid development of technology, many video hardware companies have already made all-in-one video conferencing hardware devices. Greatly facilitates the current remote video conference. Companies only need to use free video conferencing software and all-in-one video conferencing equipment to complete remote video conferencing