The All-in-One 360˚ intelligent conference solution

Coolpo AI Huddle PANA

Here is the PANA

The All-in-One intelligent conference solution with Meeting Flex that adds in the newest artificial intelligent features. It enables both visual and audio detection using an exceptional 360° camera and a ranged microphone array with the All-Surround Speaker. Welcome to the powerful PANA.


- 360-Degree Lens Camera

- 4 Microphones

- The Speaker

360-Degree Lens Camera / 4 Microphones / The Speaker

PC software
A professional software for customized settings.
- Update
- Interface layout
- Whiteboard
- General settings
Update / Interface layout / Whiteboard / Gerneral settings
Industry scenarios
University and K-12
PANA is very helpful in schools, colleges, and universities. Students can use it to bring innovation to their studies, and teachers can use it to create an interactive virtual classroom.
Many professional consultants are using PANA to communicate with their clients and provide them consultancy. They are using PANA regularly for audio-video transmission, and they can deliver satisfying results to their clients. Sometimes, when there is a need for multiple people to present in the same scenario to guide a person, PANA provides you with the most ...... efficient ...and interactive session using its AI-based audio and video transmission technology.
In the past few years, the medical industry has evolved a lot. Now the governments and healthcare professionals are turning to technology to bring efficiency in their work and improve patient care status. If you take a look around the world under current circumstances, you will notice that the demand for healthcare professionals is at its peak, and there is a shortage of doctors and ..... medical experts.
Construction and Operation
Large aid/government funded projects have lots of levels of consultants and engineers, which requires lots of meetings.One key feature is going to be keeping verifiably records for legal purposes, maintaining privacy and really robust security.
Customer Reviews
 February 17, 2021
The multiple users on one screen is amazing
We have used this video conference camera for many zoom calls and this gadget never ceases to amaze me. The fact that you can have multiple users video on the screen at any given time is crazy. I also like how the camera focuses on the user speaking no matter where they are sitting in the room. Very cool and effective, especially in this COVID world that we live in these days
February 9, 2021
Consider virtual dinner, small group & grandkids: kids can be kids & not have to be "still"
This was a great gift that continues to keep on giving long after it was purchased and it was purchased with several useful ideas in mind. I purchased this for family & friends to be close together over the holidays while miles apart in distance. The All-in-One Intelligent Video Conference Camera with Speakerphone is so much more interactive when a simple a webcam on both ends where a "zoom-like" gettogether just didn't have the right feel for the type gettogether connection we wished to portray. The "zoom" type meetings make it feel too impersonal and created an isolated feel at Thanksgiving.
January 29, 2021
360 degree camera is amzaing
Coolpo helps me solve the problem of online meeting. Its 360 degree camera is stable and provides stable and clear image quality. Whether it's video or recording, you can get clear details. The four sides of the camera are equipped with microphones, which can better record sound from all angles, and the camera will rotate according to the direction of sound. Compared with the fuzzy camera on the laptop/Pad or mobile phone, I highly recommend using a more functional camera when holding a group meeting, because it can greatly improve the efficiency of the meeting.
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Best comments on behalf of users
Coolpo AI Huddle PANA
- Field of view
  Horizontal: 360˚ / Vertical: 60˚
- Number of cameras
  1 fish-eye
- Stitching technology
  Meeting Flex™
- Supported resolutions
  Panoramic-4K HD: 3840 x2160 @ 30fps
- Image Sensor
  1 / 1.7 inch CMOS, 1200 megapixels
- Optical focal length
- Aperture
- Camera angle
- Digital noise reduction
- Exposure mode
- White balance
- Microphones
  4 smart microphones
- Pick-up range
- Speaker
- Plug-and-play
- Portable
- USB plug-and-play
  USB-A port
- Power
  Power cable
- Operating system
  Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS 10.15.4,10.15.6
- UVC viedo format
- Resolution
  MJPEG: 3840x2160,1920x1080,1280x720
- UVC communication protocol
- Main unit dimension
- Box contents
  Device, USB-A, Power cable,warranty card
- Warranty
  1 years
- Operationg temperature
  0° -40° C
- Operating humidity
  10% to 90% (non-condensing)
- Compatibility
  Zoom, Cisco Webex, Slack, Google Hangouts and more. **
The power adapter
USB 3.0 cable
Lens cover
User manual
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