COOLPO is Expanding to the SouthEast Asian Region!

Coolpo AI Huddle 2022-07-27 19:27:11

COOLPO is now opening its first office in the Southeast Asian Region. It is a big step for this Startup company. It has been approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines as “Coolpo Collaboration”. In the future, when operations commence, the Davao City office will be responsible for the production of digital content, market research, and sales of online meeting devices. Look out for the official grand opening!

The Davao City office is located in the city center at Paseo de Legaspi, near People’s Park. It is located inside a beautiful classic Philippine-Spanish design building with pre-war stone structures. The office has bright natural light, a comfortable workspace, and close proximity to business centers. It also has an outdoor patio with a garden and a parking lot. Potential and existing customers in the future can come in to see their online meeting devices in action. People may dine at the nearby posh restaurants or stay at the adjacent 4-star hotel.

Davao City is about a two-hour ride by air from Manila. The city is well known as a major tourist destination due to its tropical climate, beaches, and tropical rainforests. It is also home to some of the country's most important economic institutions including banks, insurance companies, and malls. Most of all it is the place where many businesses choose to expand because Davao is known for its safety and economic progress.

In addition to being an important financial and business center, Davao City is also an important political center in the Philippines. There have been significant improvements in security measures and counter-terrorism operations have reduced kidnapping incidents significantly. Aside from this, Davao City has also become increasingly popular among expatriates as a place to live and work as it offers everything from great weather to affordable housing.

Today, Davao City is home to some of the Philippines' most prominent companies. 

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