Using COOLPO PANA For Christmas Family Fest

Coolpo AI Huddle 2020-12-21 15:46:25

Using COOLPO PANA For Christmas Family Fest


Christmas holidays are the best time to connect with your family and friends. Everyone awaits the Christmas holidays each year so that they can spend some quality time with their friends and family. Every year people visit their relatives and friends, they spend time together, have a big family feast, go on vacations, and have a lot of fun. But this year, the Christmas holidays might be different from usual. You all know that Covid-19 is still spreading around the world, and everyone has to adopt social distancing protocols to keep themselves and their loved ones safe from the virus.


Due to the social distancing SOP's, you won't be able to visit your relatives and have large gatherings because the governments of all countries have strictly placed restrictions on large gatherings. You are supposed to stay inside your homes and spend time with your limited family members. Another reason why you can't connect with your friends and family is your hectic holiday schedule. So, you might be thinking of a solution, how you can stay connected with your friends and family on the big event of Christmas. If that's the case, then we have a perfect solution for you.


This Christmas, you can use video conferencing technology to stay connected with your friends and family. Although it cannot beat the value of face to face interaction under current circumstances, it is the only way to get in touch with your family. You can organize a virtual event by using this technology where you can gather your family and friends online and spend quality time with them. One thing that you must keep in mind is that organizing a virtual event requires the same attention that is needed for a physical event. You want to ensure that all the attendees are engaged throughout the event. So, you must have the right technology to make this happen.


We have a product called PANA that you can use for video conferencing. It can help you to conduct online video conferences with high quality video calling. It uses 360-degree intelligent conferencing technology. Let' discuss some details about PANA.


What is PANA?

PANA is the best of all intelligence video conferencing/E meeting solutions. It contains meeting flex, which has the latest artificial intelligence technology. Audio and video detection are also available. It also has an exceptional 360-degree camera and a good range microphone with all surrounded speakers covering all sides. No doubt, it is best to use it. We can have the best video conferencing experience using it.


How Can You Use PANA For Christmas?

During Christmas, you can organize virtual meetings and conferences with your friends and family. As discussed earlier, it is based on AI technology, which makes it possible for multiple people to interact with each other simultaneously. It has directional microphones and speakers that automatically detects which person is speaking, and the 360-degree camera automatically detects the person and displays his video.


If you want to organize a virtual family fest where you can interact with your family members present at different locations, then you can use the video calling technology of PANA. You can place it on a table, and all family members can sit around the table. The members of the family that are present at any other location can also do the same. You can have an interactive video conferencing session while enjoying your meal at the same time. You don't need to switch persons manually in front of the camera. PANA is based on smart technology that automatically detects who is speaking, and its 360-degree camera focuses the camera on that person. So just place it in the middle and set it up and leave the rest to PANA. So, it doesn't matter how much distance you are from your friends and family; PANA gives you explicit facial expressions and unambiguous body language.


No one knows that when things would get stable, and we will get rid of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is definitely a hard time, so we need to follow protocols defined by our governments and stay inside our houses. So, to stay connected with your friends and family members, PANA could be a very handy tool. Not only during Christmas, but you can also use it for regular and day to day usage.


Using PANA for Business Launch Meetings

PANA is specifically developed to meet your business needs. You can use PANA for your business launch meetings, where you can virtually engage your clients and stakeholders and have an interactive video conferencing session. As the global pandemic has affected the business industry, and most businesses are facing a downfall. In that case, 'work from home' and 'video conferencing technology' have become buzzwords penetrating every virtual office and home.


Due to social distancing protocols and lockdown, businesses are forced to close their office doors and move their operations online. This shift has done businesses to adopt different kinds of video calling and conferencing solutions. But there lie several challenges when it comes to video conferencing. The web apps and desktop apps that are traditionally used are not that advanced to fulfill the business needs and deliver the desired quality. Therefore, PANA is the most suitable solution for businesses as it is based on artificially intelligent technology the delivers exceptional quality video and audio. So, now you can have interactive video sessions without worrying about your video or audio quality. PANA is all an all on one solution for you for both office and home use.