PANA Software Upgrade

CoolpoTools v1.0.16 now supports Windows 11 and M1 OS.

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Simple setup
Place your PANA in the middle of your conference room table.
Plug in USB cable and power adapter. Then, switch on PANA
Load your video conferencing software and choose PANA as your video and audio device.
Start your meeting
Coolpo AI Huddle PANA User Manual(en)Download


What kinds of meeting rooms does it fit?

Mic pickup range is 15 feet. Intelligence zoom function enabled. PANA is designed for small to middle sized conference rooms.

Can you have multiple PANA in the same meeting?

Yes, if you have multiple teams in different locations, we would recommend each team to use a PANA, which provides improved team collaboration experience.

Is there any special offer for large order?

Please contact our staff for special orders via email:

What conferencing software does PANA supports?

Most web-based video conferencing software including Zoom, Microsoft Teams,Google Meet, Skype, Skype for Business, Webex, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, etc.

Will PANA store any meeting information?

No. PANA does not save any meeting data.

How do I restart my PANA?

Simply press the power button 3 times.

How do I know the camera is on?

PANA protects your privacy. When PANA camera is being used, the breathing light will be on. Also, you can cover the camera lens with the PANA camera cover.

How to adjust brightness?

Sun light or strong light on top of the PANA lens may lead to brightness adjustment. One trick we suggest is to place a small paper or no so strong sticker on the very top of the lens. This can block the strong light on top and remove the brightness adjustment effect.
Does your meeting room need some upgrades?
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