Coolpo 1.1.5 for ios is released!

Coolpo 2018-12-03 12:00:41

1. Optimized the finger_controlled exposing function.

2. Defaulting to show the front lens when users enterting the homepage.

3. Solving the crash of iphone7 during shooting 360 degree pictures.

4. Adjusting the position of share and switch icons.

5. Resolving uncorrest preview of 360 degree pictures after shooting in the landscape mode.

6. Cancelling shooting when a 360 digree pictures is cut off because of locking screen

7. Supporting the left and right slider after finish shooting 360 digree pics in the preview page.

8. Activated users needn't to active the second time if they have uninstalled the app and preferred to download again.

9. Reducing the time of shooting a 360 digree pictures.

10. Solving the inconsistent brightness of the back and front lens of iphone7.

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